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introduce PVC soft film roll usage

Crystal board is a board made of PVC material, usually transparent color, similar to acrylic board.

In the process of punching, oxide scales and iron slag will occasionally burst out, but these oxide scales and iron slag have no "eyes", and it is easy to hurt the operator's face and body. The baffle not only eliminates this potential safety hazard, but also does not affect the operator's sight
Crystal plate is a new generation of high-tech products, it replaces the disadvantages of traditional glass, such as bulky, fragile, hurting people, etc. In addition, it has many advantages.
It is suitable for all countertops such as dining table, office desk, writing desk, nightstand and coffee table. It is extremely transparent, and can withstand hot tea, hot soup, cold and frost resistance, heavy pressure resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, and environmentally friendly.
The crystal board has been scientifically designed, using imported PVC new healthy and environmentally friendly materials;
The high resilience and the characteristics of resistance to bending and compression of the crystal plate can be suitable for various environments;
The crystal board has the characteristics of non-toxic, soft and transparent, safe and insulating, and easy to clean;
The crystal plate will not deform when heated as a whole, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, non-stick paint, and not easy to age;
Crystal panels can prolong the service life of furniture, effectively prevent external damage such as burns, cuts, scratches, etc., so that your furniture can be more effectively protected.

In the past, a glass plate was pressed on many desks to facilitate writing. Now, a new type of material, soft glass, is replacing glass and becoming people's new favorite. In terms of work, it is widely used in electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food factories, clothing factories, work platforms, various office desktops on the surface of machines, etc. In family life, it widely appears on the surface of glass materials, which can not only reflect the true color and fashion of glass, but also prevent the surface of glass furniture from being scratched. The crystal board is actually a PVC transparent soft board, a high-quality plastic composite material, with a smooth surface, bright and transparent, no cracks, no bubbles, and uniform color.

1. High heat resistance (some as high as 160°C), cold resistance (low as low as -30°C), strong acid, alkali, heavy pressure resistance, antistatic, impact resistance, tensile strength, aging resistance, good light transmission, long lasting;
2. Light and soft, fluent writing, fast, safe and convenient access to data, which will help improve the efficiency of bank, school, government agency and company document processing, thereby reducing costs;
3. For the restaurant, it can reduce the cleaning cost and increase the elegance and beauty of the restaurant. For personal office, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, elastic, flame-retardant, insulating, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, sound-insulating, anti-corrosion, impact-resistant, non-deformable, non-breaking, anti-light, anti-fading, and weather-resistant;
4. It is antistatic, and it is a must-have product for the desktop use of precision instruments in telecommunications, electronics, and computer companies.

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